Bex is a superb yoga teacher. I was a complete novice when I started and now I am completely hooked! She can alter her classes to suit your mood or need, knowing when you need time to reflect but also when to give you that extra push and challenge. I have loved learning new flows and poses and I am continually amazed at what I can achieve. I would highly recommend her classes as I always leave feeling positive, happy and relaxed!  Louise



I was in my mid-forties when Bex introduced me to yoga for the first time. I will always be grateful to her for this life-changing knowledge. Bex’s inspirational classes really gave me a new outlook. Bex is calm and patient, and ensured that we learnt the key poses properly. She has a very positive attitude to living and I found her sessions both spiritually motivating as well as invigorating. By working positively on yoga stretches I felt more alert and full of energy, while also fending off other sports’ injuries. It’s great to cut off from a busy life for an hour an focus internally. She pushes you to work hard on your flow sequences and then you really appreciate relaxing! Who would have thought that the correct breathing could make such a difference! I thoroughly recommend her classes. Becky


I have been practising yoga with Bex for two and a half years now. I started as a complete non-bendy novice, who really didn’t have a clue as to what it was all about! I still have a lot to learn but I am totally enjoying Bex’s weekly classes; I love the thought that there is so much more about yoga to explore. I am a complete groupie, as she always delivers a blend of relaxation and calmness with the feeling that the practise is really doing me good. I am quite convinced that my flexibility, strength and body shape have really improved over the time I have been with her. My job is very busy and the hour I have with Bex is an absolute haven for physical and mental well-being. She’s fab! Fran


Bex is an exceptional yoga teacher. Her instructions are very clear and even I can follow them! Her classes cater for all needs; I have bad knees and one leg shorter than the other and I feel completely at home in her classes. Taking Bex’s yoga classes has also strengthened my back and now I don’t need to go to the physio. After long days at work which are sometimes very stressful, the classes never fail to help me relax. Emma


Bex is a dynamic and focused teacher. I was a beginner when I first attended her yoga class and she was very patient and thoughtful but also pushed me and encouraged me to try new poses and stretches. I particularly enjoy her mix of flows and slower more ‘inward’ focused moves. The classes give me both time to exercise and time to clear my mind and be good to myself! Becca


Bex runs a brilliant yoga class! As a complete novice, I felt comfortable with the pace and level of the class. She challenges us with different sequences and makes everyone feel as if they’ve achieved something at the end of the class. I would highly recommend attending one of Bex’s classes! Charlotte


Bex is a super friendly and approachable yoga teacher who is able to adapt her style of teaching perfectly for her students’ level of yoga. As a self-certified ‘non-yogi’, this is really important for me as I have never felt out of my depth or intimidated. Her classes are fun but challenging, and always leave me feeling relaxed and limber! I highly recommend trying a class for yourself. Jess


Bex’s evening classes have provided me with all the right tactics and movements to dissolve away any work tension from the week. She provides a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere but also the encouragement to push my knowledge and poses further. Alice